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Software Engineer at ScyllaDB
Planet Earth

“To follow the path, look to the master, follow the master, walk with the master, see through the master, become the master.”

Let me talk a bit about myself...
Raph Carvalho is a computer programmer who loves the hacker culture and kernel programming, and a musician wannabe who had some fun learning electronic keyboard (find me playing a suboptimal version of Fur Elise here). Carvalho made his first steps into the open source world, when he sent a patch to slightly improve the PID allocation code from the Linux kernel. He worked on bringing new file system support and additional features for the open source project Syslinux, which is a suite of lightweight IBM PC bootloaders.

In November 2013, Carvalho joined Cloudius Systems (now named ScyllaDB), an israeli startup, which has been his workplace since then. Back then, he was mostly involved with the file system technology from OSv (worth mentioning that ZFS is its default disk-based file system), a cloud-based operating system. As of October 2014, he started working on Seastar, a framework for writing non-blocking, asynchronous code in a straightforward manner (based on the concept of Futures and promises). As of 2015, he started working on ScyllaDB, a NoSQL data store compatible with Apache Cassandra that works on top of Seastar.

In 2018, Raph became fascinated with Meltdown security bug, and worked directly with the researchers who disclosed it, having his name listed in the official Meltdown paper for presenting a real-world exploit, in collaboration with Pavel Boldin, showing the applicability of the vulnerability in practice.

OSv - the operating system designed for the cloud


The Syslinux Project


Am I affected by Meltdown?! Meltdown (CVE-2017-5754) checker

ZFS on OSv
OpenZFS, San Francisco CA, November 2014
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OSv - a new operating system for the cloud
ERI-MG, Montes Claros MG, November 2014
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ScyllaDB, 1.8 million operations per second
FISL, Porto Alegre RS, July 2016
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How to Ruin Performance by Choosing the Wrong Compaction Strategy (Nadav Har'El and I)
ScyllaDB Summit, San Francisco CA, October 2017
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ScyllaDB: Um NOSQL extremamente rápido, escalável - Raphael Carvalho
VS Summit, Brasil, October 2021
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Compaction Enhancements: Increased Storage Density and Time Series Made Much Easier
ScyllaDB Summit, Virtual, February 2022
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Cloudius Meetup
Israel, February 2014
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